U.S. India Healthcare Innovation Leaders Roundtable

Dr. Arindam Nandi, the TCD's Associate Director of Research, attended the first sectoral event of the U.S.-India Innovation Forum, focused on Innovation in Healthcare. 

Participants at the November 9th Innovation in Healthcare roundtable, led by the CSIS Wadhwani Chair in U.S.-India Policy Studies, stressed the important role played by state and central government policy-making in improving India’s health environment, particularly in nurturing innovation.  

The panel featured four experts on healthcare innovation:

  • Sunil Wadhwani, the founding donor of the Wadhwani Initiative for Sustainable Healthcare (WISH). Through WISH, Mr. Wadhwani is using public-private partnerships to bring robust "last mile" healthcare provision to some of India's most remote areas.
  • Dr. Krishna Udayakumar, head of global innovation for Duke Medicine. As Executive Director of Innovations in Healthcare, Dr. Udayakumar helps innovators to scale and replicate successful health care delivery solutions globally. 
  • Ms. Catherine Robinson, the director for International Government Affairs at Pfizer. Pfizer is partnering with the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi to create an accelerator for innovative health care technologies developed and deployed in India.
  • Ms. Roslyn Docktor, the director of Watson Health Policy at IBM. IBM's Watson Health Policy team is partnering with India's Manipal Hospital group to share state-of-the-art techniques for improving oncology diagnosis and care.