We are seeking a communications and PR professional to manage all communications and media outreach for the Tata Centre for Development (TCD). This person will be responsible for implementing TCD’s communication strategy, support the research teams to appropriately communicate the findings and contribute towards organizational brand building. 

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TCD Communications and Media Outreach Manager


Project Assistant, Operations – Water-to-Cloud

We are seeking a science technician to work as part of the team in India for the Water-toCloud project. The position offers the opportunity to work directly with the senior research lead on the project and the project manager. The position is based out of Varanasi or the Kolkata region, India. The position is temporary and involves assisting in day-to-day operations related to a pilot project on the Ganga River. The responsibilities will be as an assistant in the scientific experiments and will involve the following duties and responsibilities.

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Scientist, river modelling – Water-to-Cloud Project

We are seeking a scientist with a background in fluid flow modeling to work on the Water-
to-Cloud project, in order to set up and execute mathematical models to study the flow and

spread of pollution in rivers and lakes. The scientist will work closely with experimentalists
and will use data generated by the sensor network to refine the simulations of the flow.
The position offers the opportunity to work directly with leading science and engineering
researchers at the University of Chicago. The person will be working directly with Prof
Supratik Guha at the Institute for Molecular Engineering, the Principal Investigator for this
project and with other India based colleagues on the project. This is a temporary position
required to set up and execute the hydrodynamic model interface for the pilot project on
the Ganga River, as conceived by the Principal Investigator.


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