The Tata Centre for Development at UChicago develops innovative, integrated approaches to tackling some of India’s most pressing development issues. 


What We Do


With generous support from the Tata Trusts, the Tata Centre combines implementation, research and executive education to execute ambitious pilots, evaluate new solutions, and spread insights to key decision-makers who can translate research findings and successful pilots into wider impact.

The Centre is housed at the Harris School of Public Policy in Chicago and the University of Chicago Trust in India.

Learn more about the Tata Centre for Development's unique approach to driving scalable development initiatives in India.


Through implementation projects, the Tata Centre provides support for on-the-ground organizations to test innovative solutions. 


The Tata Centre's research assesses the impact of promising development initiatives and provides implementing institutions with valuable insights.


Training programs for leaders from government, business, and non-profits build local capacity and encourage the uptake of successful solutions.


Leadership & Staff


The Tata Centre for Development is led by an interdisciplinary, international team based at the University of Chicago and its Center in Delhi.