The Implementation Division engages in high-impact implementation projects that link closely to research insights and are backed by rigorous evaluation processes.  Implementation teams embed with local partners, often government departments or agencies, to lead critical implementation efforts and contribute to capacity-building for sustainable change. 


Research-Driven Impact

Implementation efforts at the Tata Centre draw on affiliated research projects to bring data-driven insights to bear on complex development challenges. Each implementation project may address the same or related questions as the associated research project, and the implementation and research teams collaborate to ensure an exchange of ideas on best practices, key challenges, and promising solutions. 

Scaling & Evaluation

Whether implementation means piloting a new solution or scaling a successful pilot, the Tata Centre’s implementation efforts are strongly oriented towards scalability. IIC Project Associates develop rigorous evaluation methods for each project, intended to assess impact and potential for scaling. Through the Executive Education Division, the Tata Centre is able to spread the knowledge and tools needed to scale high-impact solutions throughout networks of government officials and private sectors leaders across India.